I know I’m super late on this whole feather headband phenomenon. I’ve always wanted one but never could fork over the $20 somewhat dollars on what is essentially some plumage glued onto an elastic band. Then I remembered I had a bunch of left over feathers from my Halloween peacock costume and decided to get crafty–have I told you that i’ve been feeling especially Martha lately? Well I have. Maybe it’s the poor-ness, maybe the boredom, but I’ve started making a lot of stuff again….and it feels incredibly satisfying.

Tessa and I wandered down to one of my favorite neighborhoods in Vancouver: Chinatown! Obviously I have a deep down attachment to this hood–not only because of my roots– but because it’s one of the grimiest (and due to my backwards way of thinking) one of the coolest/beautiful-est places in the city. Yes, it’s run down with drug addicts and hookers (several times Tessa and I had to run off because some bum accosted us), but I think judgment and fear aside, it’s just this hub of culture and history that we don’t see a whole lot of in Vancouver.

Speaking of which, we accidentally stumbled upon the night market!! Night markets are only good for one thing (no not the cheap knock offs), but the FOOD. I think no one does street food like Chinese folk. Desserts, food on sticks, strange drinks that put boba tea to shame–it was all there and taunting me. I’m going to have to go back one of these nights when I’m not a walking stain magnet and fuel up on fake shark fin soup (the real stuff is a delicacy, but how it’s attained is mega inhumane), dragons beard (sweet beans wrapped in this candy-cotton like white substance) and anything else weird that catches my eye.

Oh and another blouse! Yeesh. I actually bought another olive one too that I wore in the last post. I’ll likely put one up for sale on my store because do I really need TWO olive shirts?? Anyhoo, this beige-y blouse (with a bit of a sheen) is really what I’m feeling right now. In fact..anything a little billowy is always what I’m feeling. I just really wish the Celsius would start to rise so a shirt like this would no longer be a necessity. I’m going away to the island near the end of the month and will be mega pissed off if I cannot walk around in my bikini the entire time! Summer cannot seem to come any sooner…..

Big thank you to Seventh Door for sending me these sunnies. They are supremely cool and fit my face like a dream…AND are affordable. I just visited the site and realized that 3 other bloggers (2 of whom are my friends–Hi Gemma and Dajana!) are sporting them on the main page! Mwahaha. Get ’em while they’re hot!

Wearing used silk beige blouse, DIY feather headband, Wilfred (by Aritzia) leather leggings, Sam Edelman boots, Alexander Wang leopard bag, Seventh Door round sunglasses

Photos by Tessa Tham



  1. melissa says:

    man is that silk shirt really thrift?! I am never so lucky :/ I alsmot bought this $200 Equipment silk blouse that looks EXACTLY like yours here, but I will continue on my search for thrifting the perfect silk shirt!

  2. I’m in love with the leggings. They look great on you. I gotta check out their store in San Francisco.

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